Can modern science prove the existence of God?

Has modern science shown that there is no need for the existence of God? These pressing questions tend to have different answers depending on individual convictions. There are those who propose, indeed, assert, that modern science has completely eliminated the need for a Creator. Yet, is that the case?

Hidden Paths to the Creator explores different areas of modern science relating both to the universe above and beyond us, and to the universe within us, and comes up with the most probable and sometimes only solution to many question for which modern science simply has no answer.

Faith in God can no longer be called blind faith. On the contrary, faith in God is amazingly supported by the latest findings in modern science. Today it is much easier and far more logical, for those who understand the findings of modern science, to believe in God than to deny His existence. Hidden Paths to the Creator will instill in the reader a sense of confidence and understanding in the certainty of faith, so essential in the materialistic environment prevalent in today’s higher learning centers and society as a whole.

Did you know that although there are numerous instances in modern science that point to a Creator, there are two particular instances that unequivocally demand the presence of a Creator in order to explain them?

The beginning of the universe and the nature of the DNA molecule are thorns in the heels of atheism that must be addressed and explained to high school students in order to strengthen their faith before they reach college.

Equally important, the discredited theory of evolution is being taught as if it were absolute proof of the existence of life without the need of a Creator.

In Hidden Paths to the Creator  we discuss these and other matters that point to the truth of creation and affirm the faith of the reader.

Although this book was written for the young men and women that are about to enter college, it is a valuable addition to the library of anyone that needs, or wants, to strengthen his or her faith, while reviewing important discoveries and events of modern science.